Navigate with GPS and richly detailed maps and charts! Memory-Map offers you a range of interactive maps & accessories with powerful navigation tools for use on your PC, Mac, and Android or iOS Smartphones.

Memory-Map is a leading brand in recreational mapping software tailored for outdoor pursuits. Memory-Map software is included as standard with all branded mapping products at no additional cost. This is the fully featured software that drives everything, and even allows 3D fly-throughs on PC.

Used by thousands of outdoor enthusiasts and sailors across the world. Memory-Map boasts award winning software, the largest range of maps and charts and is compatible with a wide range of Mobile Devices and handheld GPS's.

5 essential benefits for planning your journey

PLAN ROUTES - Use real colour maps on a PC or Pocket PC to help you find your way. Simply click on the map to plan your route and see leg distance, compass bearing, journey length and estimated trip time. Now you can even check the lay of the land with our 3D View™.
PRINT MAPS - Create and print full colour personalised route maps at a scale of your choice. Add detailed notes to your maps and print your own route card. With the new Relief Shading print options you'll see 3D terrain on an accurate 2D scale map. Just a glance at the map shows all the hills and valleys making it easy to interpret contour lines.
PROGRAM GPS - Essential for any GPS user, Memory-Map makes route and waypoint programming fast, easy and accurate. Compatible with Garmin, Magellan, Silva, Navman and other leading GPS units. When you’re travelling, plan routes and program your GPS from a Pocket PC.
PLOT GPS - Connect a GPS to a Laptop or Pocket PC for an off-road SatNav system. See your position real time on a moving map display. Display a pointer arrow showing the direction, bearing and distance to the next waypoint. The map scrolls and records a track as you move. Project your current course and speed for a given time to see where you’ll be. Create a warning zone around an area and an alarm is activated should you enter the zone.
PERFORMANCE REVIEW - Import tracks from a GPS to see exactly where you've been, your speed and distance covered. Create a digital journal by adding pictures, text, sound or other program files to any point on the map.