BioLite Solar Home System 620

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Multi-Room Solar Light & Power

Born out of household research accross India and Sub-Saharan Africa, the SolarHome 620 is a self-contained system of solar lighting and charging that can turn any off-grid structure into an electrified home. The system combines functional and protective lighting (motion sensor included), USB charging, radio and mp3 capabilities, creating a hub designed for everyday use.
Ideal for huts/cabins, van life and hunting structures, the SolarHome 620 is a perfect entry into solar living with easy installation and flexible setup.

6 Watt Solar System - Generate from the sun and store inside 20 watt-hour powerbank located in control box
Multi-Room Overhead Light - Illuminate multi spaces with (2) 100 lumen string lights each with individual ON/OFF switch
MP3 & Radio Capability - Access your music with on-board speaker
Motion Sensor Light - 3rd light comes with motion sensor capabilities for basic security/activated light
Centralised Control Box - Easy to use digital display for real-time feedback on power availability, speaker control and device charging