Silva Explore Headlamp 37405***



Featuring not only white, but also red light and orange light modes. The red light mode preserves the night vision and the orange light mode is ideal for reading maps in the dark, helping you see all important map symbols and also to preserve your night vision. The large on/off button makes it easy to operate also with gloves. It includes a helmet attachment that also works as a belt clip if you want to attach the headlamp elsewhere. Our light distribution technology Silva Intelligent Light provides you with a unique combination of long distance spot light and close range flood light at the same time. This means better control and less risk of missing important details. Compact with one AA battery together with 60 Lumen output makes it a perfect base camp companion when tramping, fishing, hunting or camping.

Key Features
* Battery life: 10h / 3h
* Power (max): 60 Lumens
* Light distance: 40m
* Weight: 47g
* Water resistance: IPX7
* Beam pattern: Intelligent Light
* Battery: 1 x AA