MSR Evo Ascent 22: Stone Grey

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All-around performance, versatility and value for off-trail hiking.

Evo Ascent snowshoes are true all-around performers for those seeking to venture off-trail into more variable backcountry terrain. Their rugged UniBody decks provide workhorse durability and all-condition traction, while TriFit bindings enhance foot security on uneven slopes. When the going gets steep, built-in Televator heel lifts reduce calf fatigue to save precious energy. The evolution of our legendary Denali snowshoes, Evo Ascent snowshoes offer the quality and reliability of our finest snowshoes in an exceptional value for more aggressive winter hikers.

* UniBody Deck with Integrated Traction
* DuoFit Binding
* Classic Crampon
Colour: Grey
Weight (per pair): 1.843kg
Length: 56cm
Televator: Yes