Bushnell Nitro 1800 6x24mm LRF A-J Blstc

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Experienced hunters and shooters know that accurate shots begin with an accurate distance to target. Bushnell Nitro laser rangefinders are next level, with range extending to one mile and beyond. Forged polymer armour housing and EXO Barrier protective coating on the lenses ensure that Nitro laser rangefinders perform, rain or shine.

Powered by Applied Ballistics, the Nitro 1800 provides a ballistic solution to 800 yards out of the box (upgradeable to over 2000 yards) and pairs with your smartphone for easy set up and data input. Range to Over 2000 yards, configure ballistics data, get holdovers, wind adjustment and more with onboard Applied Ballistics. Featuring Bluetooth capability, connect the Nitro 1800 rangefinder to the Bushnell Ballistic app* on your cell phone or Kestrel for easy data input, update/email range cards, set multiple target distances, input environmentals, shot angle and much more.

* The Nitro 1800 and associated app are compatible with Apple devices supporting IOS 12 or later and Android devices supporting Android operating system 6 or later.

Pair your Nitro to a Link enabled Kestrel via Bluetooth to utilize Kestrels environmental data for extreme range ballistic solutions.

BLUETOOTH & APPLIED BALLISTICS Connect to your Smartphone to update display and settings as well as configure ballistics data to get near perfect holdovers and wind adjustment
ARC MODE - Angle Range Compensation accounts for uphill and downhill angles when ranging, providing a true range to target
EXO BARRIER - Protective coating bonds to exterior lenses, repelling water, oil, dust and debris for clear viewing in the worst weather.
BRUSH MODE - Ignores foreground objects brush, tree branches, etc. and provides distances to background objects only.
CLARITY - Wide objective lenses allow for best resolution and contrast in all lighting conditions.
SCAN MODE - SCAN across the landscape while viewing a continuously updated LCD display of the distance to the target.
BULLSEYE MODE - Aquires the distances of small targets without inadvertently measuring background target distances.

6x magnification
Range: 5 - 2,000 yards
Applied ballistics: Base - 875yd / 800m (upgradeable to over 2,000 yards)
Diopter adjustment
Ranging accuracy to ±0.5 yards
ARC Modes: Regular, Bow, AbU (Applied Ballistics Ultralite), AbE (Applied Ballistics External)
Targeting Modes: Scan, Bullseye, Brush

Reflective Ranging Performance: 2,000yd / 1,829m
Tree Ranging Performance: 1,200yd / 1,097m
Deer Ranging Performance: 800yd / 732m

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